What Would it Mean to us if Social Media Stopped Existing Altogether?


What Would it Mean to us if Social Media Stopped Existing Altogether?

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Social media has dramatically changed our world in the last few years. Social media gives everybody the chance to be aware of what is going on around, to give your opinion about the main issues you are interested in, to interact with people, companies and organizations being sure that you will be heard. Nothing is like before, I believe in the power of communication to increase culture, democracy, freedom. Social media contributes definitely to all of these:

But to realise how much importance social media has now become in our daily routines & lives, I have arranged some funny but true facts for my readers so we all could understand what impact it would make if social media stopped existing altogether?

  • Well, some of us may need to find a new job. Lol
  • We might have to Sharpen our pencils and start licking stamps..
  • We may feel Stress, lonely, cut out of world..
  • We would lose almost all of my photos..
  • My distant connections would be lost..I wouldn’t see their children grow, know which movies they saw, see the amount of whipped cream they have on their latte or hear about the snake that scared them in the backyard..
  • Sit by the fire circle every evening, right? Hard to imagine..
  • Shocking, panic! It would be much more difficult to get my message out there!
  • But more privacy and I would have to work harder to stay in contact with friends and contacts..
  • Most likely, everyone’s email boxes and text message systems would be overflowing..
  • Probably a lot of great info missed out on, tons of inspiration & laughs..
  • No one would know what to do with their free time 😉
  • We would only have contact with those who TRULY mean something in our lives..
  • A lot more books might be read by people..
  • People might come on streets with their updated status and photos..Lol!
  • Newspapers would rise from the ashes..
  • PR people would get their lives back.. 🙂
  • People would be forced to actually speak to each other face to face again..
  • Ten steps backwards..
  • A sad situation..

Above stated fun facts were just to scare the hell out of you..so just relax!!

Social media is not going anywhere in fact the good news is that it will continue to evolve, but I don’t see it disappearing. The genie is out of the bottle and won’t be put back. People asked the same question about the telephone and the World Wide Web, which led to improvements of both technologies.

But, if I’m wrong and social media dies? I’d partner with someone to build the next best thing.. 😉

I would love to listen / hear your thoughts as how you would perceive it?  Please feel free to to tweet at @umairquraishi

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