What can go RIGHT or WRONG with Social Media Automation?


What can go RIGHT or WRONG with Social Media Automation?

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Social media is a powerful tool to connect people and share information & ideas of your interest. Many individuals are using it to connect friends and families to stay updated & connected about whatever is happening inside and outside of their circles. Like individuals, Businesses are increasingly taking full leverage of social media and exploring different tactical ways to connect with their audience. In order to be connected and stay updated on social fronts many businesses prefer to hire social media specialists to maintain company’s social media presence and engage brand dedicatedly, while others don’t which makes it tough for their brand to stand high on social fronts and express their brand message effectively.


Social media automation is increasingly the most demanding tool to stay active and effective as it allows you to schedule the posts to be shared with your followers and fan base on different social media platforms at social media user’s ease.

But, There are some drawbacks also along with the benefits of using social media automation in your social media strategy. So it is essential to know What are the key Pros & Cons of Social Media Automation?

Advantages of Social Media Automation


The major benefit of social media automation is to quickly send messages to your users using single dashboard at once. With so many automation apps like Hootsuite, Postcron, Post planner etc. By the usage of these tools it becomes quite easy to send your message at any time on multiple social sites without much hectic.


Time is the key and this is where social media automation has become most effective as it allows managers to schedule content on any time of the day using automation tools. It can be use to send special messages such as holidays wishes, re-sharing content, important reminders and so on. It could also play a important role to send out your message when the followers are mostly engage in your community which will ultimately helps to improve over all engagement of the community.


Effective social media strategy is to engage constantly on all social mediums to engage followers and become active with the constant updates that are relevant to your audience. It helps to increase brand royalty and authority over a particular niche or topic. So automation keeps you active and your social media profiles awake while others are sleeping.

Disadvantages of Social Media Automation


Because now using social media automation, most of us easily get over relaxed and doesn’t pay appropriate attention as what requires to build a great community. Run-time monitoring and tracking of what works best and what not is the most essential part of social media routine. This could easily neglect the aspect of your social media strategy if its not monitored by hand and left on third party apps alone.

Zero Human Connection:

Using automation completely in your social media strategy decreases human interactions. Social media is about people and for people. Automated messages lacks human connections that reflects relationships of the brands with its customers and this way businesses lose some critical opportunities. Social media strategy will become irrelevant if its not supported with the proper interactions and human connection attached to it.

Automation During Tragic Events:

Social media automation during a tragic event could become an embarrassment for the brand. Its good to maintain consistency and fluency of the content flow but at time of some tragedies or emergencies it wont be a good signal to post pre-scheduled business oriented posts or some relevant post as people may find it insensitive.

What’s your Choice?

So, being a marketer and manager of your community you must decide what suits your audience and how you can effectively control your social media strategy using automation or manually performing social media responsibilities by your self.

  • You can either mix social media management with automation and manual posting where you will be consistently monitoring your routine activity and constantly updating your fan base.
  • Community Managers can also keep it simple with manual postings where you will be posting by yourself and eyeing all the engagements in a much closer view.
  • Or you could just rely on automation if  you think daily monitoring and feedback’s are not important for your kind of community because constantly updating audience is the priority in your niche.

By deciding what is best for your community through a community analysis you can decide which of these options are advantageous for your social profiles & increase social media effectiveness.

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