Things You should Know When Using Hashtags on Facebook


Things You should Know When Using Hashtags on Facebook

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Hashtags are increasingly getting popular among all social networks. They are very effective for highlighting trends, campaigns for particular keywords that are relevant to some topics which helps to increase exposure and enable brands to reach out potential customers. Its use began with Twitter in 2007 and now gradually extending to other social media platforms including Facebook, Google+, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr. Facebook introduces hashtags in last year July 2013.

The idea of hashtags induction into Facebook was probably to extend page post reach specially for brands who desire to reach more relevant people with customized themed approach. However, there are two sides of every coins. Hashtags help to spread out messages with great power, only if its done appropriately but some people kills the original message with either overly usage of hashtags, too long or irrelevant to their products and niche. Importance of hashtags can’t be ignored, but brands must know when to use the hashtags and where it should be avoided.

Good & Bad practices of hashtags usage:

  • Unnecessary usage of irrelevant hashtag which has no real connection with your brand or product.
  • Using short and easy to remember hashtags which people may find easy to jump into a conversation.
  • #Usingunnecessarilylonghashtaginyourpost.
  • Handful & relevant keyword driven hashtag that helps your customers to reach you out easily.
  • Keep it obvious without being so unique, as in the end only you would be seeing it and there will be no benefit of it at all.
  • #Brands #must #avoid #too #many #hashtags #in #a #single #post. Brands must not use more than 3 hashtags in a single post as what experts recommends most.

Increase of hashtags usage on Facebook:

Socialbaikers have conducted a detailed research on the hashtags usage on Facebook, after a thorough examination of over 12,509 Facebook profiles (Date range: Feb 2013-Feb 2014). Interestingly, Facebook users are now increasingly using hashtags with the 525% increase of hashtagged content.


(Image source: socialbaikers)

Things you should consider when you use hashtags on Facebook Page:

There are key tips for all users who may consider practicing across all hashtag supported social mediums.

1. Keep it Relevant:

To be more spot on and deliver your message accurately then it must be relevant to your audience, product or niche.

2. Keep it Simple:

Don’t over do it, If you can keep it short and simple then must not ruin it with bad practices as listed above. It should be easier for people to remember it for long and shouldn’t be too unique for people to find your hashtag in search.

3. Don’t Spam:

No one loves spam. If you try to enforce something no one gonna buy it, If you do it you will be considered as a spammer. Tweets with less than 3 hashtags receives more engagement compare to overly usage of hashtags.

4. Know Your hashtags:

Brands must define their hashtag strategy to reach out prime customers and increase chances of engagement. If you have created a unique hashtag then its context should be informed to your followers exactly how you like it to be conveyed to them.


Usage of hashtags just cant be ignored yet it should be done effectively and not to be used in a way that could ruin your reputation. After Facebook algorithm changes, organic reach has decreased badly but with correct ways and proper usage of hashtags you could increase reach and engagement of your Facebook page. So clear benefit is there only if you utilize it to its capacity.

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