When to hire or not to hire Social Media Consultant for your business?

When to hire or not to hire Social Media Consultant for your business

When to hire or not to hire Social Media Consultant for your business?

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Social media marketing may be time consuming but just because you don’t have time to manage, you cannot put your chances of growth on hold. Small business owners usually lacks time and resources and the only best resolution to this problem is to outsource what you can’t handle because your business can’t afford to lose opportunities due to such compromises. If you are not clear over strategy or determining ROI then you must figure it out by yourself or either get someone on the board who is well aware of the subject matter and could help you to achieve your business goals & objectives.

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Branding and engagement are important parts of your business strategy and you as a business owner must know and decide when its the right time to hire a social media consultant and get the job done or either you are all set to handle it by yourself.

Below are the key areas that should be take into consideration to decide whether your business needs social media consultant or you have what it got to take it to the skies!!!

Identify Your Goals & Objectives:

I think that you should look at what the business wants to accomplish with social media. “Just because it is there, doesn’t mean you need it.” In other words, not all companies need a heavy social media presence. The reason that a company would hire a professional is if they can see that others in their industry are seeing success and they are unable to duplicate that success or they don’t have the time or energy to pursue it.

Again, the business needs to identify their main goal or intent. Goals can include generating likes, comments, engagement, traffic to website, traffic to Facebook page, leads etc. Otherwise you are investing in something and not measuring any results.

Getting Started with Social Media Strategy:

Social media is like any other area of marketing and should be used as part of the overall marketing mix. Having a good marketing plan and strategy in place and knowing who you wish to speak to is the key. What to say can be more of a daunting task. Small businesses just engage with their audience naturally and see great success, as the organization gets bigger is where there are more challenges. Knowing that professional help is available enables the small business to call on this as and when is needed. But having the help from a social media consultant or marketing strategist is mostly recommended based on what the owners want to achieve and invest.

Maximize Available Resources:

It depends in my opinion that how much time & skills small businesses have available to manage social media all by themselves. When they have no money for it, they must invest the time. And most small companies have no budget for it. Then they could get Hootsuite, great tool to operate social channels, schedule posts for future dates, analyze and monitor.

Small and medium businesses have different levels of need and budget. Those who have less of a budget and have no choice but to manage it themselves, They can work with to establish a regular routine of daily, weekly and monthly ‘habits’ that they can fit into their busy schedules and make managing social as time efficient as possible.

But of course if the company has a good budget for it, they can outsource it when they have not the knowledge within the company, means when they have no responsible person for it.

No One Knows Your Business Better Than You Do:

Small businesses should be on Social Media, at least Facebook and mostly if they are targeting locally. It’s the best way to engage/influence their reputation. I think also that even if they don’t have a website, Social Media can & should be their voice online. Now there is the problem of knowledge how/whom/when to do it.

I’ve seen many owners engaging their customers very successfully on their own without a clear strategy or without knowing it. Mainly small businesses are a family oriented, meaning that the children are involved and they are fully comfortable with most of the social media platforms. They know how to engage the conversation online within their group of age. But does this work? Yes and No.

The ideal scenario is for someone within a business to write social content, after all who knows a business like the people in it? – However, most small business struggle with the aspect of social media marketing mainly because of time constraints. This is where hiring a social media consultant or SME becomes credible. Every business should have a relevant social presence, and hiring a consultant means the headache is gone.

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