Marketing on Pinterest: How to Skyrocket your B2C Store through Pinterest marketing?

I love Pinterest! Do you..

Marketing on Pinterest: How to Skyrocket your B2C Store through Pinterest marketing?

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Pinterest is now considered the 4th major social media site that serious marketers use, assuming that marketing on Pinterest cant be ignored.  it can skyrocket your business/project to the roof! A picture speaks a thousand words and imagines actually making a story where people visualize, interact and are waiting for your next pin.

I love Pinterest! Do you..

I love Pinterest! Do you..?

The key advantage Pinterest provides is that each and every pin that is posted has a lasting effective presence unlike other platforms where for practical purposes each and every post is visible only for a short duration.

Who is on Pinterest?

As far as user’s, women are a more dominate group but lately I have seen Pinterest boards appearing on the first page of Google search results and this strategy could be applied to items that appeal to everyone.

How it will help your business?

I think it’s a tremendous opportunity for businesses to get started with it now as you’ll more than likely be paving the way for your industry and possible competitors. Pinterest is gaining in popularity and if you want people to share and engage in your products, your company, your business etc. then I highly recommend getting involved.

How to leverage Pinterest?

Pinterest is good source of traffic if you give users a reason to click through the photo and view it on the original page (your website). Some common examples of photos with strong traffic back to your website are food photos without the recipes, products you want to buy without a store name or the D.I.Y. instructions to that crafty thingy you want to make. There are endless opportunities there it’s just how you think creatively.

What are your chances?

Pinterest is free, you post photos of your products, your business, anything related to your company and people start pinning and sharing if they like it. It brands your business along with other forms of social media. For instance if you have a hotel, put photos of your rooms, the lobby, the amenities, the view. If you offer cupcakes, then post pictures of them, if you sell a product, then post pictures of those products. If you’re a really neat bar or lounge, post pictures of some of your crafted drinks and photos of the inside of your facility. The opportunities are endless.


The site is extremely easy to use. There’s really no learning curve. And if you don’t see increased traffic–or whatever your goal–toss it. What have you got to lose?

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