What do you need to learn about “Newly Improved LinkedIn Analytics”?

individual post tracking

What do you need to learn about “Newly Improved LinkedIn Analytics”?

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While LinkedIn is the essential marketing platform for most of the brands, it has been difficult for most of the companies on LinkedIn to track their performance and measure growth. Recently, LinkedIn launched company page analytics and rolled out to all company pages. The recent change  still lacks deep insights for overall page performance and individual stories & also there is no automated way for page admins to export any high-level engagement reports,  yet improved version of Linkedin anlaytics goes beyond the information it has provided in the older version of tracking LinkedIn analytics.

Lets look at the LinkedIn’s new page analytical tool.

Tracking Individual Posts in LinkedIn Analytics:

individual post tracking

Now LinkedIn pages can track individual post performance and identify what is working best for your audience. It can be viewed from the company updates section of your analytics tab. Page admins can view impressions, interactions, clicks & followers of each post has gained for their LinkedIn page but it doesn’t allow to pull any sort of high-level engagement reports.


Followers Analytics in LinkedIn Insights:

In this section you will see demographic distribution of your followers such as their work level and also find the numbers of followers LinkedIn page gained organically.




Comparison with the Competitors in Linkedin Company Page:

New page analytics includes exciting new feature that keeps eye on the competitors performance which may help you to benchmark your own growth efforts against the progress of similar brands but get ready to pull reports manually as the new insights lacks the basic feature.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social networks for companies and it has now over 3 million business pages. It’s important for marketers to understand the analytics in order to improve content and increase engagement and followers. Learn how LinkedIn can be used as a  powerful lead generation tool?

Do you think new LinkedIn Analytics features will help you to track engagement & over all performance of your business page?

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