PART ONE: How to use Social Media Insights to your advantage?


PART ONE: How to use Social Media Insights to your advantage?

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The fact that Social media has become a very powerful tool is known far and wide, but with the growing popularity of social media all the many popular social media platforms it is becoming tricky to handle. One needs to ensure that all of these super popular platforms are used to their full potentials and the content put up is able to engage the target audiences. Since all of these tend to function in different ways, the use of social media insights for each is different and produces different results. For this very reason, we are breaking down the strategies into a few simple steps.

Let us begin with Twitter:

Twitter Impressions

Twitter Impressions

Twitter gives you a head start on insights with its free analytics dashboard. With this option, you can closely monitor the success of your content and the engagement you are able to create, providing a key statistics to your account. From new followers to the most effective tweets you will know it all, this feature provides a 28 day summary of your account.

If you track it from one month to other, you can measure the number of new followers and popularity that you have been able to bag.

Umair Qureshi - Twitter Insights

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You can monitor closely and compare longer durations and your performances in the period, the 28 days range is a default you can alter the period. There is also a breakdown of your tweets where not only can you see the engagement but also the number of impressions. These insights, together with insights available for all your tweets, should be enough to help you make out a pattern that appeals to your target audience and help you figure out their likes and dislikes.

And here we are, the super hit: Facebook Insights:

Facebook comes powered with its very own analytics known as the Facebook Insights, the feature is not available if there are under 30 likes on your page. With these insights not only can you determine what best engages your audience but also figure out the best timings to make a post, the key is to be impactful. Posting the right thing at the right time to the right audience is just what can make your social media management not only the most productive but also effective in term of ROI short for Return On Investment.

FB Page Insights
All you have to do is click on the insights tab, which shows at the top of your Facebook page. Not only can you view your FIVE most recent posts here but also for each of your posts be able to view the outreach, if you sponsored the post, it will also show you how much money you spent and the volume of comments, shares, likes and clicks. You can hence judge the popularity of the post with these figures.

5 posts


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Facebook constantly updates for new likes on your pages, and you can select a certain time period and view the number of new likes if you choose to, you can view these subtracting the number of likes you got through a paid promotion too.  Good content has great organic reach, but if sponsored the results are phenomenal as Facebook boasts outreach and the post becomes available to audiences far and wide.

But this is not it… There is a lot more to tell you about social media and its insightful integrations, stay tuned for more!

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