How to use social media for PR and Recruitment


How to use social media for PR and Recruitment

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Social-media-recruitment-HRSocial Media is not only a powerful tool for engaging customers and generating leads. It may also play a vital role in the assistance of HR people for the recruitment of better resources. Social media is too handy to network with professional contacts, making new contacts, recruitment and following pro’s in the industry.  Here are four reasons why HR persons need to adopt social media.

Staying connected with colleagues & friends:

It’s almost impossible to be up to date with all the industry’s best. Yet social media creates such opportunity for both employer and employee to get to know each other without too many barriers.It can help in ease of communication and better understanding of each other.

Best thing about social networking is most of our friends whether old or new, uses social media platforms. In case you are not in touch with an old friend, you can always find them through social media sites.

Helps you in Finding Talented People:

HR people can be benefited using social media when it comes to finding appropriate person for their organization. These days almost everyone has joined different social media platforms to stay connected with friends and colleagues in order to stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the market.  On Social media HR people can closely follow talented resources so they can connect with them whenever it’s needed.

Brand Promotion & Marketing:

By engaging on social media networks, you not only recruit best of the industry but also promote your brand/business with the relevant people in your  market niche which ultimately helps in growing your brand popularity socially.

Relationship Building:

Relationship building  is the key in social media to get desired results . By joining relevant  groups and engaging with fellow HR recruiters, as well as the senior industry people might let you find appropriate resource you are looking for, social followers or potential clients all through your social media efforts.

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