PART TWO: How to use Social Media Insights to your advantage?


PART TWO: How to use Social Media Insights to your advantage?

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We have earlier talked about how you can as a social media marketer makes a greater impact with the help of insights that these powerful platforms come with.

We will now begin with LinkedIn, much like Facebook you can maintain a company page and a personal profile at once. The benefits that will come with a company page are the ability to not only update statuses but also files, slide share presentations and even videos.

Beginning with the Per Post Insights which are not only accurate to every status update made but also come with details such as the number of followers who viewed the post, and how many times this specific post got clicked.


What makes LinkedIn insights stand out is how they illustrate the engagement in percentages, which are totally based on the whole, the ratio of clicks to the impressions and hence if you don’t already know how many followers you have you will be clueless of the results. But they make up for it with their Follower insights. Not only will you be able to view your engagement rates and the growth but also get a deep look at your follower demographics.


This useful insight tool generates a report, which quickly illustrates the number of followers your page has together with the number of new followers within the last 7 days. In addition, to this you can also keep a check on how many status updates you have shared simultaneously with the average engagement per update. The follower demographics come loaded with astonishing details are accurate, they break down these insights into tabs such as industry that these followers belong to, their function in the company, regions, the company they belong to itself, employee, seniority leading you into looking at what exactly is your outreach and which market you have hit.

What do you need to learn about “Newly Improved LinkedIn Analytics”?


Almost all of the account insights have been designed to provide for one piece of crucial information where all essential information is listed which gives brands the leverage to be able to further evaluate their performances on these social media platforms. Instagram, however takes these insights to a whole new level of awesome, with its growing popularity Insta’s dashboard comes loaded with data that has to do with reach, with impressions and with engagement. The statics are also broken down into each week to give you a more insightful look into your performance.

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Instagram also features an Ad Insights dashboard which is inclusive of facts and figures that have to with the effectiveness of any given campaign.  Not only do these includes all the data related to the performance of the campaigns created and launched by brands. The statistics reflect impressions, but also answer for the reach and the display frequency ensuring all details for every post made. Instagram has a staggering outreach, with the per-follower engagement rate reaching out to that of a 4.21 percent which is almost 50 times as that of Facebook and almost a 125 times more than twitter!

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Pinterest was launched in the midst of all the social media hype and as the platforms were dominated by text updates it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that this largely visual, image-centric platform became such a great hit. The one magical thing about your pinterest account is that the number of people who actually view your posts is greater than your actual followers.

Your pin insights will be able to help you engage a greater number of audience and market your service or product and even your brand smoothly and effortlessly. However, for being able to access this feature you need to be in possession of a verified business account.


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You can track your board’s activity and gather data not only from your website but your board at pinterest too, hence you can effectively create a fusion and expand your insights, which will not only be limited to pinterest but also be stretched out to as far as Tumblr.

Where as state of the art features such as Curalate and PinReach add to the magic of mastering the use of pinterest as a social media platform.

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