How to increase ‘Online Exposure’ using #Hashtags [Infographic]

When to use hashtags

How to increase ‘Online Exposure’ using #Hashtags [Infographic]

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Social media marketing is emerging as a savior for many of us where its helping us to reach out to our existing customers as well as potential prospects without spending so much of our time and budget. There could be different tactics which  can be used to reach out to  new followers but eventually no one wants to end up missing so many opportunities by not using its key features that helps reaching out to new people, Hashtag is one of those key features that can’t be ignored.

Hashtags are immensely powerful marketing tool and its all depend on how well you utilize them?  I’m my self guilty of being not using this as a tool for a longer period of time but since I have actively started using twitter &  came to know how essential there proper usage could be for increasing engagement, tracking online presence and becoming reputable in your industry.

They are becoming a popular tool on all social  mediums as every other social media platform has now a hashtag feature, but still there is a reluctance among many of us in utilizing its complete benefit. Using a hashtag in your tweets/posts doesn’t help you unless you do it properly. In this post I’m going to explain how we can increase our online presence with the proper usage of hashtags.

Facebook is ogling Hashtag

How#Hashtags increases Online Exposure?

  • Helps you to gain new followers.
  • Helps brands to reach out to new customers.
  • Tweets with hashtags receives higher engagement than those without hashtags.
  • Increases brand reach & helps prospects to join your conversation.
  • Lets your brand spreads its message to the relevant people in your niche.
  • Hashtags lets you become a part of popular conversations and give you a chance to express your opinion.


No one likes a messy, hashtag-ridden tweet!

Twitter’s official stance as below:

“The following behaviors and others like them could cause your account to be filtered from search, or even suspended:

  • Adding one or more topic/hashtag to an unrelated tweet in an attempt to gain attention in search.
  • Repeatedly tweeting the same topic/hashtag without adding value to the conversation in an attempt to get the topic trending/trending higher.
  • Tweeting about each trending topic in turn in order to drive traffic to your profile, especially when mixed with advertising.
  • Listing the trending topics in combination with a request to be followed.
  • Tweeting about a trending topic and posting a misleading link to something unrelated.”

Neil Patel has made an awesome infographic on the usage of hashtags which is visualized below as how you can increase online presence, create buzz, promote events or a cause, increase brand reputation or even promote yourself.




There are different tactics you can use to acquire full benefits of using hashtags in your tweets but there are also certain things that you need to take care and should avoid, such as using unnecessary, irrelevant & non conversational #hashtags.

As per above infographic, You can use hashtags to run contests & cover events such as conferences or online webinars or even you can curate relevant topics from your industry peers and influencers. Its also important to analyse and evaluate the performance which can be monitored through tracking number of engagements tweets receiving, referral visits or new followers.

I hope you find this useful to begin with your hashtags journey, do let me know on Twitter @umairquraishi about your unique experience using hashtags?

Infographic By : QuickSprout

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