How to make a Prospect: From Stranger to Lover [Infographic]

How to make a Prospect From Stranger to Lover [Infographic]

How to make a Prospect: From Stranger to Lover [Infographic]

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There are unlimited ways to describe digital marketing, which includes social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing etc. Digital marketing has been evolving continiously and more people are adopting it to explore its benefits, but with the quick emergence of online networks at almost daily basis it gets a bit difficult for marketers to keep up with all these online marketing mediums, latest marketing trends & insights. 

Online marketing can be adopted in so many ways with different benefits of each with the ultimate goal of turning strangers to promoters of your business. The important most step is to address how do you plan to begin with Digital Marketing Initiative so that you could have answers to out of all these fancy terms that are mentioned above and exactly what methodologies your businesses should be adopting to maximize the scope of Digital Marketing & increasing ROI?

How to convert your business prospect into a customer?

  • Setting up Goals & Objectives

The key to success is to know what you are going to achieve & why you are adopting digital marketing strategy? Your goals are more likely to reach out new potential customers online, more awareness of your products and services, getting ahead of your competition or all of these. In order to get success and to see your business prosper in the digital world one has to be more focused and goal oriented.

  • Creating Marketing & Sales Funnels

A funnel is created when a stranger maps through a marketing funnel & becomes solid lead from a prospect once marketing funnel closed. Then you strategically place different call-to-actions, offers & other pieces of lead magnets so they complete the marketing funnel and ultimately converts them into your customer/lover.  A perfect marketing & sales funnel will increase more chances of success and also boost customer retention.

  • Creating relevant Call-to-Actions

Placement of relevant call to actions that drive visitors to landing pages, offers, request a demo or to subscribe with newsletters helps to improve more conversions and leads to your website. We have discussed earlier that how call-to-action assist in the completion of marketing funnel so its relevance and placement importance can’t be ignored. Proper placement of CTA’s lets you collect contact information and details of people converted when they are offered a marketing collateral or any related information you want them to download from your website.

  • Developing relevant collateral’s to map lead generation process

The idea is to provide information filled resources to your prospects who are looking to get more information about your product or services as once they fill out a form to download resources, you will be able to collect their information which you could use for future correspondence i.e new offers, updates of product features, monthly newsletters etc. Businesses must plan and should come up with different types of marketing collateral’s such as white paper, webcast, case studies, ebooks, resource downloads etc which could either be a part of your lead generation funnel or to attract potential customers into marketing funnel but ultimately helping you to convert a potential buyer into a customer.

A visual presentation will might help us in this case where guys from Tentsocial have illustrated in a infographic below.


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