How to get ranked #1 on LinkedIn Search?


How to get ranked #1 on LinkedIn Search?

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If you are reading this post, you have already realized how much important it is for you to be found on LinkedIn searches. Whether your goal is to get a job, talent hunt or creating a personal brand, there are things you need to consider to stay on top of the professional social network.

With growing number of 364 million registered users on LinkedIn, its not an easy ask to position your self like back in the days it was. Some people complain that they do everything right but still don’t see magical improvements in their profile rankings mainly due to other well optimized profiles than probably they have so may be its about time to make sure you are rising against the storm and not sitting behind the competition and missing out opportunities that you certainly don’t want to miss.

Here are some of the ways to fight the LinkedIn algorithms and stay on top of the LinkedIn searches.

Have a Complete Profile!

Include information designed to encourage your potential visitors to find out more about you. Profiles with complete information are 7x more likely to be viewed than those that are without display pictures, relevant keywords & professional headlines.


Compelling Headline:

Expand upon your professional headline and support it, write a solid headline and make sure when your visitors view your profile they get the good first impression so they initiate to connect.

Visualize Your Work:

Show example of your work i.e presentations for the slide share, any skilled certifications that you passed or your latest blog.


Get Connected:

If you don’t have enough connections on LinkedIn, you might not show up on many LinkedIn searches as a 2nd degree connection as you should.

Don’t Ignore Endorsements:

Give endorsements and manage to take few back, endorsements might also affect how you appear in the LinkedIn search.

Get Recommendations, Build Credibility:

You have got to ask for them, recommendations give a real boost to your profile in the long run and help to establish credibility.


Make Your Self Reachable:

Don’t limit the potential growth of  your social network. Provide email address, social media links or any other point of contact so that people who are interested in your profile are able to contact you.

Make sure you include your:

  1. email address.
  2. website URL.
  3. or whatever channel you use to correspondence.

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Be Engaged!

Don’t forget LinkedIn is a social network, its always important to keep your account engaging and not rusty. LinkedIn has been introducing new features and given more options to interact and engage with colleagues and friends.

Whether you are liking, commenting on your friends updates in the news feeds, interacting in groups, creating or sharing informative posts related to your interests / work, all these tactics will help you to increase in profile views and LinkedIn search visibility.

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