How to build targeted social media audience for your niche from the scratch?

effective ways to build social media audience from the scratch

How to build targeted social media audience for your niche from the scratch?

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Social media is one channel – complete with its own benefits and risks – to connect with others towards an end goal. Its presence merely starts that conversation. I always use it in this way and with a very specific goal in mind that will guide my decisions and activities – including content types/volumes/frequency – from that point on. Then, it’s the management/maintenance of that site long term – content, “audience acquisition”, whatever you want to call it, – that will make the difference in who visits, signs up, stays, participates.

effective ways to build social media audience from the scratch

It depends on: Who you are – your people/products/services; who/where your audience is; why they’d care what you have to say; what planning/content do you have on your Social Media page vs. what value it offers to your audiences; do you have a deliberate focus, plan and resources to support its longer-term facilitation. Etc.

Below are the effective ways to build social media audience from the scratch no matter on which platform you are if you stick to the basics it will help you to build relevant audience .

Start with Blogging!

Blogging if done right is very powerful. Key to doing it right is content i.e. blog posts that are info rich and interesting but along with the content theme, it might be good to consider always having fresh content available. Pages with ancient content lose visitors or if you are using Facebook don’t get them to like the page to begin with. Try to update with fresh content every couple of days, or even daily.

In both my professional career and in my side business I have found that content and content management is key to building effective following on social media. Add content that your audience can connect with as well as content that can also be a resource. Overwhelming your page or twitter profile with unnecessary content will create unsubscribers. Think of it in the same way you would your email marketing. Quality not quantity!

Don’t try to SELL Hard – HELP People!

The biggest issue we see is that business owners are too busy talking about their product or service, they need to STOP selling via social media and start worrying about communicating with potential consumers. Consumers are getting really good at blocking our advertisements, the last thing they want to do is subscribe to them. No one will follow you if all you do is talk about your products and company.

Network with Peers & Influencers:

It all depends on the network… BUT, “cross-pollinating” within the network and across networks always works for me. For example, posting as your page on another related page on Facebook draws new followers or tweeting a link to content on your Facebook page works. Using a variety of hashtags always works, especially if you are posting valuable content, and not just blasting out promotional information.

Be Consistent:

What you decide to do and however you decide to do it just make sure you are consistent. Don’t abandon the people who you engage no matter how small the following. Others will come.

Measure & Repeat:

The question is “what is quality content?” I believe that’s in the eye of the audience. So, measurement is key IMHO. Try different types of content/media; different voices i.e. positive vs negative sentiment; try linking to stories by others you find useful and think your audience will like as well. Then, measure the response to each and look for patterns. Once you gather some volume of data, you will know where to double down.

Everyone’s message is different and has an audience somewhere. It’s good to know this well. If you’re not absolutely certain who/where your audience can be found, experiment, measure and double-down.

My Two Cents?

I would say make sure to know you niche and your brand because that helps a lot. Also, the social media you are trying to build an audience on must be handled differently from others. Give value, consistency and quality. If people feel you have provided them something of value, they will return for more, which means following you.

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