How Increased Twitter Engagement Helps Gaining Website Traffic?


How Increased Twitter Engagement Helps Gaining Website Traffic?

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Twitter was my second favorite social medium after Facebook but recently it got my all attention when I actively started engaging on my twitter account that was created back in September 2009. Well initially the reason of lack of attention I gave it due to the Facebook success I was getting and which is why it never distracted me to think for the alternatives of social mediums that could drive engagements and referral visits to blogs/websites.

But then we all know in the end of the last year, Facebook organic reach decreases due to the Facebook news feed algorithm changes and because of it all the fan page engagement and referral visits got seriously effected.

Although for my personal website I never relied on Facebook due to niche and audience factors. So this was also another reason to find my ways into Twitter. I found Twitter as a serious niche for generating business & revenue. It is supposedly said that it has serious people operating on it with a proper business knowledge of their respective industries. On twitter, your potential customers may involve in pre sales talk and discussions, decision makers actively participate and inquire what they need to know before reaching out to any decision. So it has a lot more to offer for small and large businesses to reach out to those potential customers who are looking for guidance and this is where brands could help them in this all important decision making process. So its so important to device a plan and follow best strategies that would eventually help brands to reach out to the potential followers and business prospects who are talking about your product or services.

Monthly Social Statistics []

With just 1800+ followers, my blog top referral traffic source is Twitter so whenever I share my blog post with my followers they click on it & if they find it interesting or relevant they share it with their own followers as well which increases more reach and helps to gain website traffic.

Getting Started with Twitter?

Relationship building is the key and on Twitter it is as simple as you become friends with someone in real life. Its about the give and take, mutual respect, gaining trust, spending time with your loved ones so they love you too and thus becoming more respectful in the eyes of others.

Key tips to increase Twitter Engagement:

  • Tweets with less than 100 characters has more chances of going viral.
  • Never begin tweet with @username unless you are replying, it decreases reach.
  • Tweets with rich-media doubles the engagement.
  • Questions in tweets usually attracts followers to respond.
  • Engagement on weekends is higher than rest of the week days.
  • 86% of Re-tweet chances increases when there is link attached with the tweet.
  • There is a 72% possibility of a follower turning into your customer.
  • While 30% of followers could possibly recommend your products.

For more cool twitter stats on twitter, Quick Sprout recently published an detailed inforgraphic on how twitter helps increasing engagement and doubles the chances for your brand to convert more likely than ever before.


This is the most detailed infographic I have ever seen on twitter engagement. I hope this will help you to boost your twitter engagement and increase website traffic with the implementation of best practices listed above. Its your turn to get started now!!!

(Source: Quicksprout. Twitter image via Shutterstock.)

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