How I renamed my 49K+ Facebook Fan page?

How I re-branded My Old 49K+ Facebook Fan-base.

How I renamed my 49K+ Facebook Fan page?

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DISCLAIMER: This trick worked for me as explained in the below post, but doesn’t necessarily it will work for everyone as Facebook keep doing changes in their system. So in case you want to give a try, do it at your own risk and I will only recommend you to try on your small page first not your primary page.

How I re-branded My Old 49K+ Facebook Fan-base.

Recently I have experimented on one of my Facebook page which has a long name and due to this I thought it was kind of a useless page for me but with over 49 thousand fans I kept it engage and active. I always wanted to utilize this page but with very weird and long name it was little embarrassing to use it for my upcoming blog. Many brands may have faced similar situation like me, having their own targeted fans base for new products/services & wanted to give their brand a new name or may be in some cases they may have spelled brand name incorrectly of their existing business pages, but than they find out once a Facebook page crossed more than 200 likes it cannot be renamed which means you are now stucked with the name you choose when you started your Facebook page.

So I did a short-cut…

I choose to merge my page into a newly create page with the new name i wanted and transferred all my fans into my new  page.  Also note, the only way Facebook allows to change a page name is formally requesting them either via admin panel or through emails, but it is said to be a long process.

Things to Consider

Before page merge process, You need consider below very important points:

1. Different named pages can be merged also.
2. Both pages must have same address, valid phone numbers and should be categorized as a local business page.
3. Your all content such as wall posts, likes, photo albums etc will not be included into your newly merged page.
4. Check-ins of both pages will get combined into a newly merged page.
5. You must be an admin of both pages to complete merge process successfully.
6. There is no undo button, Once you done with the merge process you cant unmerge pages anymore.

Important note: You may loose your vanity URL in this process, But if you are already in a re-branding process than you shouldn’t worry much.

The Process

You can merge two page’s of any name and number of likes by following below steps:

facebook page rename trick

Make sure you fill same information on your both pages.

Suppose, Page ‘A’ contains 3 likes & Page ‘B’ contains 3k likes.

1. Make sure you fill same address in both pages page ‘A’ & ‘B’.
2. Select category for pages ‘A’ ‘B’ to a Local Business.
3. Add any phone number & address on both pages which must be valid.
4. Ask your friends to click on ‘suggest and edit’ on your page ‘A’ in which you want to merge your big page which is ‘B’ in this case. A has just 3 likes only while B has 3k likes.
5. By clicking on the suggest and edit, a pop-up window will open where at the bottom there is a “Find duplicate” option.
6. Ask at least 4 friends to suggest your ‘B’ page as a duplicate by simply copying the link of your Page ‘B’ and pasting it into duplicate section of page ‘A’ than click save to complete the action.
7. After following step 6, Go to settings of your “A” page & check for merge pages option. You will now see “B” page. Follow rest steps to merge your pages into one.

merge different names facebook pages

Make sure you follow above listed steps accordingly. Otherwise it may not work properly. You can later on change your Fan-page information such as category, addresses & phone numbers after the merge process being done.

In any case above method doesn’t work, You can always try out the request to merge Facebook pages.

By following above steps you will easily merge your big page into your newly created re-branded page of yours. In any case you are feeling difficulty following above steps you may tweet me at @umairquraishi with your specific problem.

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