How a graduate can get a job through Social media

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How a graduate can get a job through Social media

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Summers have started which means there are graduations, parties and the unavoidable search of jobs. Job search is difficult for everyone and it is the daunting task, but for those graduates who are not prepared will find it a very strong task.

How a graduate can get a job through Social media

 Many students who are undergraduate might be applying this summer for there first job. Those jobs in which you find the professionalism might be searching for you on social media to check if you are a suitable person for the job. So, after knowing this, graduates should use social media as a platform to find best jobs according to their skills.


For searching of a job LinkedIn is the most essential social media site. Any person who seeks job must be on linkedIn because it gives you an opportunity to have online resume and you can connect with the people you know or maybe not. LinkedIn are the first recruiters who always look for those candidates who have potential in their work.

Social media for Jobs

There are some other social networking platforms which help graduates to find the job. Facebook could be considered a platform. If you have just passed your graduation, then you are not alone on a boat many of your friends have also completed their graduation..

A group of people with private messages could be created who may be the connections for you. Your status and comments will make other people to keep their eyes and ears always open for you. This creates a lot of opportunities.

Jobs can also be searched by another platform that is Twitter. Now, many of the recruiters are posting jobs on this social network platform and looking for the candidates. Hash tags could be searched to bring the jobs which are matching your skills. You can also follow companies on Twitter which will show that you are taking interest in the company.

Job-Proofing of your Account

 No matter if you are just a graduate and you are looking for a job about which you have dreamt or you are a well experienced seeker of Job. Creating a profile on linkedIn and job- proofing of social media accounts is always important. Always remember to keep your linkedIn profile visible for the public because in this way you will be able to find your future employers.

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