Google releases much awaited Page-Rank update.


Google releases much awaited Page-Rank update.

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Today on December 6th 2013, Google started to roll out much awaited PR updated and surprised everyone. Earlier this year Matt Cutts once asked by his follower regarding if there is any page rank update before 2014? he replied,“I would be surprised if that happened.” Considering his response all the web-masters around the globe had lost all hopes to see any update but Google amused everyone just before the end of the year.

PR update

Top SEO blogs also updated the same news in last months and were not expecting any such update, so its probably a Christmas surprise gift for web-masters. My blog also got an PR update, So its time to flow all the link juice.. 😉

For anyone who doesn’t know what page rank is and how it works and why it matters for web masters. It involves various factors to rank a website, its a ranking based mechanism starting from 1-10. The higher number, the higher rank. According to the experts. its mostly dependant upon high-quality links pointing to your domain/website, it helps to improve better page rank.

Have your blog/website got an PR update? In case Google missed updating your page rank. Kindly go through this video and learn how to earn page rank update for your website/domain:

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