Facebook’s News Feed Modifications– A Great Boost for Marketers


Facebook’s News Feed Modifications– A Great Boost for Marketers

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The past decade has allowed people to connect and socialize easily with their social circle, first it was Orkut and now there are many others along with the Facebook which is on the top of the list dominating every other social media site. Change and innovation is necessary to be a success story and that is what Facebook has always been doing to entertain and facilitate its people with the best options available.


They have now decided to update their News feed bar which will now focus on sharing photos, music and news more easily then anyway before. This bar will help you in getting updates on regular basis of the business pages you are following along with your friends’ posts. They have also changed the left-hand menu navigation bar, which is also now consistent across devices.It will always be present, as opposed to previous designs. Less time is spent on the advertisement. Facebook declare numerous modifications to news feed that have massive significance for businesses, promoters, moreover their Facebook pages. The foremost changes that impact businesses are how visible content plus stories are shown in users’ news feed, as well as the overview of following feed. In this post I will briefly showcase the latest Facebook news feed.

In the latest news feed Facebook has eliminated the left-side bar and because of this the news feed has been much broader. This permits for ample noticeable visual material as well as stories in the news feed. This is the best thing that happened for marketers now they have greater chance to promote their business stories with wide content and pictures. The novel News feed display visible material that are shared on Facebook like images, photo album, video as well as material from 3rd party sites much larger and because of this businesses and marketers demonstrate more detailed images plus scope much bigger levels of engagement. Consequently it is actually a constructive amendment for Marketers, since it will create their visual content much more interesting in addition to noticeable straight in the news feed.


One of the best news feed changes for Facebook pages is the alteration to the story layout when a Facebook friend likes a page on Facebook. When a user likes a page on Facebook, their friends will be able to see a far larger picture of the Facebook page in the story. Another exciting and beneficial feature that Facebook introduced is the “Following feed”. It is a choice that let the users to get every post in sequential order from their already “liked” Facebook pages. Again the best feature for marketers to promote their page, brand and business smartly.

Overall, if we compare older and the updated design we will reach to the conclusion that the updated news-feed will be more beneficial to its users for the reason that it will be more compressed and we can come across more news in less time unlike the older version. There will also be more simply accessed music and photos which will entertain people. The chances are bright that the updated news-feed will become more popular then the older version because of its features.

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