Facebook stepped up with objective-based ads creation & reporting.

Facebook stepped up with objective-based ads creation & reporting.

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Facebook stepped up with major change that encourage small businesses to spend more in the Facebook ad platform where they could create objective-based campaigns. In October, Facebook announced new ad creation process that will ease the process of creating ads and measuring its impact. Newly added feature starts with a simple question – What’s your advertising objective?. It is the continuation of on going enhancements Facebook has made recently to streamline Facebook ads type. Last month Facebook introduced larger image size for better CTR.

However, Facebook is slowly rolling out to advertisers and these new updates will not be available immediately.

The new ad flow system will be based out on the common objectives as below.

Clicks to Website
Website Conversions
Page Post Engagement
Page Likes
App Installs
App Engagement
In-store Offer claims
Event Responses

With the new ad flow system, Marketers may now have more control over their campaigns as they will choose about the ad placements and where it is performing best.

As before, Facebook will place your ad where we see it performing best — whether it’s in mobile News Feed, desktop News Feed and/or on the right-hand column. However, knowing some advertisers want to tailor ads based on placement, we’re now giving marketers the option to choose where their ad appears. For example, a marketer looking to drive traffic to their website can now place a desktop ad with a link to their full desktop site, and a separate mobile ad that links to their mobile site. This means businesses can better tailor ad experiences based on where people will see their message. – Facebook

Ads-Manager Make-Over:


Facebook also updated its ads manager tool to support the newly objective-based ads feature.

We’ve also updated our Ads Manager tool — where advertisers measure the performance of their ads and campaigns — to map their results directly to the objective they chose when they created their ad. Ads Manager will now show the objective, the number of times the objective was met, and the cost per stated objective. For instance, if an advertiser wanted its ad campaign to drive Website Conversions, now we will show how many Website Conversions the ad campaign drove. – Facebook

The new changes will encourage small businesses to spend more with newly added objective-based ads feature who did not see value in Facebook ads before.  It will certainly help marketers to focus on what working best for them so they could generate more leads.

So, isn’t Facebook making it easier for novice to run ads and manage business page?? 😛

Images courtesy of Facebook.

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