Facebook page Insights gets newer and better look


Facebook page Insights gets newer and better look

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Facebook recently rolled out another update; it’s around a newer look to Facebook insights dashboard. On one hand the previous ‘insights’ system offered a huge amount of intelligence but at the same time its not always tells you the whole story.

New insights dashboard is organized, simple and more understandable. metrics that were previously rolled out together (i.e., “People talking about This”) have been now broken into separate charts that now gonna help page admins to easily understand and measure the reach and engagement (likes, comments, clicks & shares) of individual stories.

Lets find out how new page insights will reshape digital reporting:

New Overview Tab:


New ‘overview’ tab is way more comprehensive than previous one. More data now can be extracted by just simply looking at the ‘overview’ tab.

Comprehensive Post Details:


New page insights gives comprehensive data for individual posts. Now facebook page admins don’t need to dig into the excel sheets any more for stats like, post likes, clicks, comments, shares or negative feedback. They can find all these important metrics of individual post in one page now.

New ‘People Engaged’ Tab:


The fresh page insights calling out People Engaged Tab. its not merely the breakdown of the people reached, but also indicates whom they have engaged. This let page admins to easily determine which of their content is reflecting with which of its audience. it will better help marketers in improving their facebook content strategy.

New upgrades currently released to a smaller numbers of users. Facebook is going to roll out these features anytime soon

images courtesy: insidefacebook, pcworld 


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