Expert’s Opinion On Social Media Marketing Trends In 2016 [Infographic]


Expert’s Opinion On Social Media Marketing Trends In 2016 [Infographic]

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Here are some interesting trends & recommendations from the social world as what expert marketers are going to adopt in the year 2016. Successful entrepreneurs share their insights on the upcoming social media marketing trends as how they are going to plan or altering social media strategy. Check out what they had to say.

Social Media Marketing Trends According to Experts

Social won’t be use for sales.

People love to buy, but they hate to be sold. Companies currently celebrating the most success in social media focus on engagement, nurturing relationships and sharing value through their social outreach. Customers and prospects will seek out companies offering value, entertainment, discounts, help and engagement.

– Charles GaudetPredictable Profits

Social media campaigns will have to be paid.

I assume that the most effective social media campaigns in 2014 will be paid. The key is learning how to use Facebook and Twitter’s paid tools now so that you’ll have an edge on the competition. For instance, are you using Facebook’s advanced audience tool? It allows you to upload your email database and send specific response messages directly to your focused audience. Imagine being able to segment both email marketing and Facebook ads to your target audience. Facebook already offers these types of advanced tools, and they will become more mainstream in 2014. Similarly, Twitter is now public and has been making an aggressive push into paid advertising. If you are a brand and want to succeed on Twitter in 2014, get ready to pay for it.

– Kristopher

Content will be bigger and better.

Simple messages and simple questions aren’t enough anymore. To achieve a deeper connection with your customers, a company needs to engage on a deeper and more intelligent level. Short videos, infographics, quality imagery and polls are all ways to engage deeper. Companies need to look at the content they put out and ask themselves, “Is this shareable?” An example of a huge company that’s doing this really well right now is Wal-Mart. Its content is smart and engaging, and the fan engagement is very high by comparison to its competitors. Also, companies need to focus on the fans they have and not the fans they want. If your message is always trying to reach out, you’ll bore the fans that have chosen to connect with you.

– Andrew HowlettRain

Google+ will merge into the social scene.

As Google continues to merge its products, it’s becoming more and more important in the social media landscape. There are so many benefits to using Google+. It creates a strong community that allows you to use your brand and identify consumers who share an interest in your products. It also allows your brand to become more social with like-minded consumers. They provide like-minded consumers a platform to connect with one another. This builds a strong community, which is a great way to get feedback on new and old products from real-time consumers.

– Nicolas

(For more predictions : Mashable Post)

Key takeaways:

Social media marketing is shaping up for many while some are not even taking its advantages. It has many opportunities available for small business as well as large enterprises no matter B2B or B2C social media is here to stay with new trends and perspectives.

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Further to what experts recommended. I came across to an interesting visual by Talkwalker on the social media marketing trends in 2014. It further explains the importance of content marketing as how it has a major role in shaping Digital Strategies and continues to be a top priority of marketing experts.

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The rise of social commerce can’t be ignored. In 2013 social sales from Facebook, Pinterest & twitter were increased by 75% while brand who wants fast result must focus on paid marketing as organic is slowly dying, if you have time and capacity to build social presence then you may see non-paid approach as a option. So this is where Google plus is emerging as an alternative after the death of organic reach on Facebook after a major facebook news feed algorithm changes last year.

Take a look at infographic below for more insights on upcoming social media trends and get prepared in advance.


social-media-marketing-trends-2014(Source: Talkwalker, Mashable.)

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