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effective ways to build social media audience from the scratch

How to build targeted social media audience for your niche from the scratch?

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Social media is one channel – complete with its own benefits and risks – to connect with others towards an end goal. Its presence merely starts that conversation. I always use it in this way and with a very specific goal in mind that will guide my decisions and activities – including content types/volumes/frequency – from that point on. Then, it’s the management/maintenance of that site long term – content, “audience acquisition”, whatever you want to call it, – that will make the difference in who visits, signs up, stays, participates.

effective ways to build social media audience from the scratch

It depends on: Who you are – your people/products/services; who/where your audience is; why they’d care what you have to say; what planning/content do you have on your Social Media page vs. what value it offers to your audiences; do you have a deliberate focus, plan and resources to support its longer-term facilitation. Etc.

Below are the effective ways to build social media audience from the scratch no matter on which platform you are if you stick to the basics it will help you to build relevant audience .

Start with Blogging!

Blogging if done right is very powerful. Key to doing it right is content i.e. blog posts that are info rich and interesting but along with the content theme, it might be good to consider always having fresh content available. Pages with ancient content lose visitors or if you are using Facebook don’t get them to like the page to begin with. Try to update with fresh content every couple of days, or even daily.

In both my professional career and in my side business I have found that content and content management is key to building effective following on social media. Add content that your audience can connect with as well as content that can also be a resource. Overwhelming your page or twitter profile with unnecessary content will create unsubscribers. Think of it in the same way you would your email marketing. Quality not quantity!

Don’t try to SELL Hard – HELP People!

The biggest issue we see is that business owners are too busy talking about their product or service, they need to STOP selling via social media and start worrying about communicating with potential consumers. Consumers are getting really good at blocking our advertisements, the last thing they want to do is subscribe to them. No one will follow you if all you do is talk about your products and company.

Network with Peers & Influencers:

It all depends on the network… BUT, “cross-pollinating” within the network and across networks always works for me. For example, posting as your page on another related page on Facebook draws new followers or tweeting a link to content on your Facebook page works. Using a variety of hashtags always works, especially if you are posting valuable content, and not just blasting out promotional information.

Be Consistent:

What you decide to do and however you decide to do it just make sure you are consistent. Don’t abandon the people who you engage no matter how small the following. Others will come.

Measure & Repeat:

The question is “what is quality content?” I believe that’s in the eye of the audience. So, measurement is key IMHO. Try different types of content/media; different voices i.e. positive vs negative sentiment; try linking to stories by others you find useful and think your audience will like as well. Then, measure the response to each and look for patterns. Once you gather some volume of data, you will know where to double down.

Everyone’s message is different and has an audience somewhere. It’s good to know this well. If you’re not absolutely certain who/where your audience can be found, experiment, measure and double-down.

My Two Cents?

I would say make sure to know you niche and your brand because that helps a lot. Also, the social media you are trying to build an audience on must be handled differently from others. Give value, consistency and quality. If people feel you have provided them something of value, they will return for more, which means following you.

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I love Pinterest! Do you..

Marketing on Pinterest: How to Skyrocket your B2C Store through Pinterest marketing?

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Pinterest is now considered the 4th major social media site that serious marketers use, assuming that marketing on Pinterest cant be ignored.  it can skyrocket your business/project to the roof! A picture speaks a thousand words and imagines actually making a story where people visualize, interact and are waiting for your next pin.

I love Pinterest! Do you..

I love Pinterest! Do you..?

The key advantage Pinterest provides is that each and every pin that is posted has a lasting effective presence unlike other platforms where for practical purposes each and every post is visible only for a short duration.

Who is on Pinterest?

As far as user’s, women are a more dominate group but lately I have seen Pinterest boards appearing on the first page of Google search results and this strategy could be applied to items that appeal to everyone.

How it will help your business?

I think it’s a tremendous opportunity for businesses to get started with it now as you’ll more than likely be paving the way for your industry and possible competitors. Pinterest is gaining in popularity and if you want people to share and engage in your products, your company, your business etc. then I highly recommend getting involved.

How to leverage Pinterest?

Pinterest is good source of traffic if you give users a reason to click through the photo and view it on the original page (your website). Some common examples of photos with strong traffic back to your website are food photos without the recipes, products you want to buy without a store name or the D.I.Y. instructions to that crafty thingy you want to make. There are endless opportunities there it’s just how you think creatively.

What are your chances?

Pinterest is free, you post photos of your products, your business, anything related to your company and people start pinning and sharing if they like it. It brands your business along with other forms of social media. For instance if you have a hotel, put photos of your rooms, the lobby, the amenities, the view. If you offer cupcakes, then post pictures of them, if you sell a product, then post pictures of those products. If you’re a really neat bar or lounge, post pictures of some of your crafted drinks and photos of the inside of your facility. The opportunities are endless.


The site is extremely easy to use. There’s really no learning curve. And if you don’t see increased traffic–or whatever your goal–toss it. What have you got to lose?

Six Social Sharing Myths

6 Myths of Social Sharing

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Social sharing is the backbone of social media. Crafting a perfect share is an art and for that we look into statistics and trends that usually worked best in the past and helpful for us to determine our future strategies, but there are some fascinating myths about social sharing that could even surprise you.

RadiumOne released its findings in infographic form. The six myths studied by the company were:

  • Most content-sharing activities happen over social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Digital consumers click on social links at an equal rate, regardless of the type of URL shared.
  • Content shared through shortened URLs has a similar lifespan, regardless of when it was initially posted.
  • Content and brand engagement peaks over the weekend, when Internet users have more free time.
  • Millennials and young people engage and share brands’ content the most.
  • Facebook offers the best referral traffic.



(Source : allfacebook)

When to use hashtags

How to increase ‘Online Exposure’ using #Hashtags [Infographic]

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Social media marketing is emerging as a savior for many of us where its helping us to reach out to our existing customers as well as potential prospects without spending so much of our time and budget. There could be different tactics which  can be used to reach out to  new followers but eventually no one wants to end up missing so many opportunities by not using its key features that helps reaching out to new people, Hashtag is one of those key features that can’t be ignored.

Hashtags are immensely powerful marketing tool and its all depend on how well you utilize them?  I’m my self guilty of being not using this as a tool for a longer period of time but since I have actively started using twitter &  came to know how essential there proper usage could be for increasing engagement, tracking online presence and becoming reputable in your industry.

They are becoming a popular tool on all social  mediums as every other social media platform has now a hashtag feature, but still there is a reluctance among many of us in utilizing its complete benefit. Using a hashtag in your tweets/posts doesn’t help you unless you do it properly. In this post I’m going to explain how we can increase our online presence with the proper usage of hashtags.

Facebook is ogling Hashtag

How#Hashtags increases Online Exposure?

  • Helps you to gain new followers.
  • Helps brands to reach out to new customers.
  • Tweets with hashtags receives higher engagement than those without hashtags.
  • Increases brand reach & helps prospects to join your conversation.
  • Lets your brand spreads its message to the relevant people in your niche.
  • Hashtags lets you become a part of popular conversations and give you a chance to express your opinion.


No one likes a messy, hashtag-ridden tweet!

Twitter’s official stance as below:

“The following behaviors and others like them could cause your account to be filtered from search, or even suspended:

  • Adding one or more topic/hashtag to an unrelated tweet in an attempt to gain attention in search.
  • Repeatedly tweeting the same topic/hashtag without adding value to the conversation in an attempt to get the topic trending/trending higher.
  • Tweeting about each trending topic in turn in order to drive traffic to your profile, especially when mixed with advertising.
  • Listing the trending topics in combination with a request to be followed.
  • Tweeting about a trending topic and posting a misleading link to something unrelated.”

Neil Patel has made an awesome infographic on the usage of hashtags which is visualized below as how you can increase online presence, create buzz, promote events or a cause, increase brand reputation or even promote yourself.




There are different tactics you can use to acquire full benefits of using hashtags in your tweets but there are also certain things that you need to take care and should avoid, such as using unnecessary, irrelevant & non conversational #hashtags.

As per above infographic, You can use hashtags to run contests & cover events such as conferences or online webinars or even you can curate relevant topics from your industry peers and influencers. Its also important to analyse and evaluate the performance which can be monitored through tracking number of engagements tweets receiving, referral visits or new followers.

I hope you find this useful to begin with your hashtags journey, do let me know on Twitter @umairquraishi about your unique experience using hashtags?

Infographic By : QuickSprout

Facebook fan page engagement tips

10 Fan page engagement tips that even works after Facebook news feed changes

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We all know about the current frustration page mangers are going through & i.e., seeing a massive cut in Facebook organic reach and continuous news feed algorithm changes which first rolled out in last year August, 2013.

Many brands still consider Facebook as the primary medium to reach out to their potential customers and expect their content to be viewed by there followers in the Facebook news feeds but at the same time millions of people and pages post content on the news feeds where it gets difficult for the Facebook algorithms to show every content that goes in it.

Well, there is no golden rule in Facebook case, but if you stick to key basics that drive engagement and improve visibility of your content in the news feeds then your content may stand out & rock Facebook news feeds.

So what to do if you are still not getting fan page engagement even after all your efforts?

Friends from Social Research Strategies come up with the 10 rules every business needs to know before publishing content on Facebook page which may eventually help you to improve Facebook organic reach.

rules to post on Facebook

Bonus Tips:

  • Be Positive & Consistent.
  • Be informative & relevant.
  • Reward your fans.
  • Post engaging content.
  • Post original content.
  • Try Facebook ads for targeted audience.
  • Don’t be shy to post more content.
  • Analyze audience behavior.
  • Use attractive & bold images.
  • Always Test & repeat what worked best.
  • Avoid widely circulated content.
  • Avoid Spammy links.

These Facebook fan page engagement tips should  be helping you to fight visibility in the news feeds despite of all the recent algorithm changes and ensure your message to be delivered to the right people with the right content.


Twitter started to roll out its Redesign: Impressed or Not?

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Twitter  has started to roll out its new redesign to fewer people and gradually it will roll out to public probably by coming week. New redesign is a little more fancier with new features and some say its almost look-like Facebook new design and to which I agree too. Micro-blogging website initially tested it in February, new features to include large headers, pinned & highlight tweets option as well as three column layout that has timeline view, rich media panel and mention & reply tab.

According to the official blog post announcement:

What’s new about the new you? The new web profile lets you use a larger profile photo, customize your header, show off your best Tweets and more. Here are main features:

  • Best Tweets: Tweets that have received more engagement will appear slightly larger, so your best content is easy to find.

  • Pinned Tweet: Pin one of your Tweets to the top of your page, so it’s easy for your followers to see what you’re all about.

  • Filtered Tweets: Now you can choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles. Select from these options: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.


I must say that am already impressed with upcoming  features and redesign despite of its resemblance with Facebook, much clearer showcase of profile information and followers list at left side, news feed in center and trends section at right side of the page gives it a proper social network look.  The new design update and its features looks a lot more exciting than its previous layout with large size display picture, big header image which enables more ways to showcase brand’s/individual’s profiles.

According to the blog, it rolled out to few people and eventually it will be available to all twitter users. However, people who have just joined twitter will be able to see new design.

Are you impressed with the new twitter redesign and its features?

[Photo Credit: Mashable/Twitter]


Things You should Know When Using Hashtags on Facebook

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Hashtags are increasingly getting popular among all social networks. They are very effective for highlighting trends, campaigns for particular keywords that are relevant to some topics which helps to increase exposure and enable brands to reach out potential customers. Its use began with Twitter in 2007 and now gradually extending to other social media platforms including Facebook, Google+, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr. Facebook introduces hashtags in last year July 2013.

The idea of hashtags induction into Facebook was probably to extend page post reach specially for brands who desire to reach more relevant people with customized themed approach. However, there are two sides of every coins. Hashtags help to spread out messages with great power, only if its done appropriately but some people kills the original message with either overly usage of hashtags, too long or irrelevant to their products and niche. Importance of hashtags can’t be ignored, but brands must know when to use the hashtags and where it should be avoided.

Good & Bad practices of hashtags usage:

  • Unnecessary usage of irrelevant hashtag which has no real connection with your brand or product.
  • Using short and easy to remember hashtags which people may find easy to jump into a conversation.
  • #Usingunnecessarilylonghashtaginyourpost.
  • Handful & relevant keyword driven hashtag that helps your customers to reach you out easily.
  • Keep it obvious without being so unique, as in the end only you would be seeing it and there will be no benefit of it at all.
  • #Brands #must #avoid #too #many #hashtags #in #a #single #post. Brands must not use more than 3 hashtags in a single post as what experts recommends most.

Increase of hashtags usage on Facebook:

Socialbaikers have conducted a detailed research on the hashtags usage on Facebook, after a thorough examination of over 12,509 Facebook profiles (Date range: Feb 2013-Feb 2014). Interestingly, Facebook users are now increasingly using hashtags with the 525% increase of hashtagged content.


(Image source: socialbaikers)

Things you should consider when you use hashtags on Facebook Page:

There are key tips for all users who may consider practicing across all hashtag supported social mediums.

1. Keep it Relevant:

To be more spot on and deliver your message accurately then it must be relevant to your audience, product or niche.

2. Keep it Simple:

Don’t over do it, If you can keep it short and simple then must not ruin it with bad practices as listed above. It should be easier for people to remember it for long and shouldn’t be too unique for people to find your hashtag in search.

3. Don’t Spam:

No one loves spam. If you try to enforce something no one gonna buy it, If you do it you will be considered as a spammer. Tweets with less than 3 hashtags receives more engagement compare to overly usage of hashtags.

4. Know Your hashtags:

Brands must define their hashtag strategy to reach out prime customers and increase chances of engagement. If you have created a unique hashtag then its context should be informed to your followers exactly how you like it to be conveyed to them.


Usage of hashtags just cant be ignored yet it should be done effectively and not to be used in a way that could ruin your reputation. After Facebook algorithm changes, organic reach has decreased badly but with correct ways and proper usage of hashtags you could increase reach and engagement of your Facebook page. So clear benefit is there only if you utilize it to its capacity.