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SEO Updates: Google Search Algorithm Changes, Then & Now! [Infographic]

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The biggest fear of SEO industry is how to keep up with all the latest SEO algorithm changes over the years and how to shape up their search engine optimization strategy according to those changes.  In this post, we will try to catch up how all these SEO updates have changed the SEO of today compared to whats been done and had been considered useful over the years.

Below are links to some of the most important SEO updates rolled in over the past few years:

Some more SEO updates and algorithm change news:

Google Updates & Penguin:

Google SEO:

Google Search Console:

Google Features:

Our friends at MWI have come up with an interesting infographic, The Old Days of Google vs the New which highlights how it all started and where does it currently stands.


Why B2B companies should invest in Social Media Marketing?

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Social media is a powerful tool for brand awareness, but are companies out there using social media for lead generation? An exciting infographic published by  Spotlight Communications eyeing on how important social media is to b2b industry and how it helps to educate your targeted audience and take leverage from social media.

The findings concludes the fact that twitter is now most influential tool for B2B audience. It was also noted that B2B marketers that uses twitter generates twice as many leads than those who do not.

Social media is just not merely a place to create social profiles and hoping it to work for you without making an effort in right direction. Brands needs to actively engage and participate with their audience and focus on community building in their respective niches. Social media is not a place for hard sell but it should be used to build authority and trust and attract more strangers so that you could gradually feed them with your content and convert them to lovers of your product / services.

The infographic also outlines importance of blogging – Companies that often blog has 55% more visitors than those who do not. With powerful social media base it gets easy to create content that matches up your audience interest and helps businesses to promote content to their most relevant audience which makes B2B social media as important as other marketing channels.



7 common mistakes that blocks your search engine success

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Most of you already know how important for our website’s to have its important pages indexed on Google search so that they appear when users make searches for particular terms that are relevant to our business and products. But did you know how to help Google to crawl more pages?

SEO guru Neil Patel has come up with yet another awesome infographic that tells you how to increase your chances to boost your website in search engine rankings and how to avoid those 7 common mistakes that blocks your search engine success.

Below is the infographic that guides through the Google crawling process and also what needs to be done in order to let the crawlers find your site conveniently.

How does Google crawlers works


If crawlers unable to go through your website, your rankings will fall. In order to maintain rankings and increasing chances of getting crawled you’ll need to avoid hindrances that blocks search engine crawlers to work effectively.


12 key steps to optimize your on-page SEO [Infographic]

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SEO helps businesses to be found in the search engines and converts potential customers but its just not as easy as am probably trying to explain it in a single line. There are key on-page SEO factors that are essential for any online business to stay on top of search engines and to keep the conversion flow smooth. Those webmasters who stick to the basics of on-page SEO could only maximize the benefits otherwise no one can prevent you from the mess and decreases the chances of the opportunities ahead.

In the below SEO on-page essentials infographic by backlinko, It draws step by step guide that will let you design and implement perfect on-page SEO strategy which would loved by search engines as well as users.



Are you following the SEO on-page basics?

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