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How to increase Facebook Fan Page engagement? [Infographic]

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After all the recent Facebook news feed algorithm changes its has been difficult for some brands to get engagement as high as it was before.  But yet if you do it right and use same old school methods and mix it with new creative ideas for Facebook engagement building then you will be easily able to double your chances of getting high post engagement despite all the new hurdles.

Key Tips To Increase Facebook Engagement:

  • Statues that are not more than 80 characters in the updates attracts fans and increases engagement by 23%.
  • Quotes or statuses gets 20% more interactions.
  • Photos with interactive captions improves click-through on the posts.
  • Using emoticons in your status updates doubles the chances of fans interactions.
  • Links shares with short call-to-actions increases click-throughs.
  • More posts in a day will give higher interactions thus more engagement. No limit for number of posts in a day.
  • Mix the types of post i.e status, photos, and link updates and measure what works best for your page.

Below is an Facebook engagement infographic from QuickSprout on how to increase the Facebook engagement by 275%.


Do you find it useful? Get Started with your Facebook Engagement Strategy, mix your content, constantly check insights, review performance and implement what works best for your page & audience to get more visibility in the news feed. 


Post From one of my Facebook page that has gone Viral:



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The rise of Social Commerce [Infographic]

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Social media is rapidly becoming a major player in the ecommerce industry and playing an important role to boost sales and revenue. Most of the brands are increasingly spending on social media with the aim to grow loyal fan base that increases customer retention. The retail & commerce industry has seen remarkable growth in the year 2013, where 75% of social generated sales were came from Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter.

Friends from MobStac have made up an graphical illustration that showcases the importance of social media in the retail business and  emphasizes why social media should be an important part in your eCommerce sales & marketing strategy.

Social Media And Ecommerce


Is social media is the part of your ecommerce strategy? Follow the tips written on the inforgraphic to get started.


#Facebook10 [Infographic]

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So, #Facebookturns10. Here is an interesting Infographic by DPFOC showcasing Facebook’s 10-year history. The infographic begins from the date Facebook founded back in 2004 till date highlighting all the milestones and changes Facebook has gone through in the last 10 years. So if someone had miss any changes from the past may have a great opportunity to re-visit Facebook’s success story from the infographic below.

How Social Media Experts spend their whole day

How Social Media Experts spend their whole day? [Infographic]

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Do you know what its takes to be a social media enthusiast? How these people live, eat and drink social media? Today, I came across an hilarious but interesting Infographic by Digital Insights on Social Media Experts daily routine. Its somehow resembles my daily routine of life and am sure most of you reading it might go through this all the day.

Enjoy the comical infographic on social media experts daily routine below. 🙂



What does a 2016 LinkedIn user look like? [Infographic]

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Lets take a look at how important is LinkedIn for growing your network, developing your business, or finding employment in the year 2016.



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