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How to make a Prospect From Stranger to Lover [Infographic]

How to make a Prospect: From Stranger to Lover [Infographic]

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There are unlimited ways to describe digital marketing, which includes social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing etc. Digital marketing has been evolving continiously and more people are adopting it to explore its benefits, but with the quick emergence of online networks at almost daily basis it gets a bit difficult for marketers to keep up with all these online marketing mediums, latest marketing trends & insights. 

Online marketing can be adopted in so many ways with different benefits of each with the ultimate goal of turning strangers to promoters of your business. The important most step is to address how do you plan to begin with Digital Marketing Initiative so that you could have answers to out of all these fancy terms that are mentioned above and exactly what methodologies your businesses should be adopting to maximize the scope of Digital Marketing & increasing ROI?

How to convert your business prospect into a customer?

  • Setting up Goals & Objectives

The key to success is to know what you are going to achieve & why you are adopting digital marketing strategy? Your goals are more likely to reach out new potential customers online, more awareness of your products and services, getting ahead of your competition or all of these. In order to get success and to see your business prosper in the digital world one has to be more focused and goal oriented.

  • Creating Marketing & Sales Funnels

A funnel is created when a stranger maps through a marketing funnel & becomes solid lead from a prospect once marketing funnel closed. Then you strategically place different call-to-actions, offers & other pieces of lead magnets so they complete the marketing funnel and ultimately converts them into your customer/lover.  A perfect marketing & sales funnel will increase more chances of success and also boost customer retention.

  • Creating relevant Call-to-Actions

Placement of relevant call to actions that drive visitors to landing pages, offers, request a demo or to subscribe with newsletters helps to improve more conversions and leads to your website. We have discussed earlier that how call-to-action assist in the completion of marketing funnel so its relevance and placement importance can’t be ignored. Proper placement of CTA’s lets you collect contact information and details of people converted when they are offered a marketing collateral or any related information you want them to download from your website.

  • Developing relevant collateral’s to map lead generation process

The idea is to provide information filled resources to your prospects who are looking to get more information about your product or services as once they fill out a form to download resources, you will be able to collect their information which you could use for future correspondence i.e new offers, updates of product features, monthly newsletters etc. Businesses must plan and should come up with different types of marketing collateral’s such as white paper, webcast, case studies, ebooks, resource downloads etc which could either be a part of your lead generation funnel or to attract potential customers into marketing funnel but ultimately helping you to convert a potential buyer into a customer.

A visual presentation will might help us in this case where guys from Tentsocial have illustrated in a infographic below.


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How content marketing going to boost search engine rankings in 2016?

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There is no single way to achieve desired results and objectives from your marketing efforts whether its SEO, Social Media, Paid advertising or mobile marketing. Content marketing is considered to be one of the key component that holds high importance within your Digital Marketing Strategy. According to State of Search Marketing Report 2013,“Forty-five percent of all companies now integrate content marketing into their SEO strategy”.

Content marketing is not a new tactic in online business for many in 2016 as most of the brands are already integrating content marketing in their over all digital marketing strategies and leveraging it to give awareness about products or services to their key business prospects by exploiting different types of content successfully. Thus, its helping them to engage and aware their audience about products or services better than ever. It also helps brands to become an authority in their niche by providing high-quality, informative & entertaining content according to their audience needs.

Keyword optimization in SEO remains an important factor yet its not only restricted to pushy promotional tactics anymore. More and more brands are realizing its importance and trying to become more relevant for their potential customers so they could help their customers through high-quality content because that’s attract more audiences rather just pushing them for products or services via flagrant promotional tactics.

The further importance of how content marketing is going to affect search engine rankings is explained in a below infographic.

How Content Marketing Affects Search Engine Rankings

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


6 reasons to believe in DIGITAL MARKETING!

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Any business whether it is small, big or of any size should start focusing on Digital Marketing. When your prospects are searching and buying products or services online thus it is more essential for any type of business to include digital marketing in their overall marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing can be adopted at any stage of your business. It will be preferred if you have started taking advantages of digital marketing at an early stage as it will help you to reach out to the wider audiences who are looking for your services and products online and they can be reached effectively through Digital Media Campaigns. Even if you already have a good presence offline, then you may want to maximize your profit & customer base and for this purpose you certainly want to avail the opportunities ahead in the digital marketing world.


Many businesses have already jumped in to the digital marketing and started to see it as a important factor for driving business and new potential customers online. But still there are so many businesses who are still engaged in traditional marketing.

In the last recent years Digital Marketing has seen tremendous growth and it is now considered as a important part in marketing strategy where it has ease the methods of communication between marketers and its potential customers. Those who are not using should at least start learning if not practicing digital marketing which includes social media marketing as well.

Digital Marketing includes following:

  • Blog
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Video Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy Tips
SIX reasons to believe in DIGITAL MARKETING!

  1. The best thing about digital marketing is that it is cheap in cost compare to traditional marketing. It is cost effective and usually does not requires high budget.

  2. It helps you to keep in check your business growth with real time customers feedback, queries or complains which are very helpful for any business to improve relation with its consumers on that basis which ultimately increases business efficiency and sales.

  3. While everyone on the internet is busy purchasing products how long you will keep your business offline? By adopting Digital Marketing any business can reach its existing & new potential customers.

  4. Digital Marketing helps in outreaching targeted customers through PPC marketing or Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc) which can be based on geo location or demographic filters.

  5. While you are half way through your marketing campaign, you can optimize your digital marketing strategy any time to get better results.

  6. It is almost impossible to track ROI (Return on Investment) in traditional marketing where else in the digital marketing there are a lot of factors which can measure accurately that traditional Marketing cannot.

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