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How content marketing going to boost search engine rankings in 2016?

Umair Qureshi 3 comments

There is no single way to achieve desired results and objectives from your marketing efforts whether its SEO, Social Media, Paid advertising or mobile marketing. Content marketing is considered to be one of the key component that holds high importance within your Digital Marketing Strategy. According to State of Search Marketing Report 2013,“Forty-five percent of all companies now integrate content marketing into their SEO strategy”.

Content marketing is not a new tactic in online business for many in 2016 as most of the brands are already integrating content marketing in their over all digital marketing strategies and leveraging it to give awareness about products or services to their key business prospects by exploiting different types of content successfully. Thus, its helping them to engage and aware their audience about products or services better than ever. It also helps brands to become an authority in their niche by providing high-quality, informative & entertaining content according to their audience needs.

Keyword optimization in SEO remains an important factor yet its not only restricted to pushy promotional tactics anymore. More and more brands are realizing its importance and trying to become more relevant for their potential customers so they could help their customers through high-quality content because that’s attract more audiences rather just pushing them for products or services via flagrant promotional tactics.

The further importance of how content marketing is going to affect search engine rankings is explained in a below infographic.

How Content Marketing Affects Search Engine Rankings

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout