A COMPLETE guide to Story Writing: How to attract customers in your niche?

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A COMPLETE guide to Story Writing: How to attract customers in your niche?

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Content marketing goes a long way and therefore stress needs to be laid upon making the best of your content. It is for a fact that most buzzing social media trends today will not be as effective tomorrow and therefore, to engage your audience’s attention you will need to constantly come up with new, updated strategies.  Just the right content marketing strategy will never go out of style and is a proven, effective method of getting your audience to be star struck!

Where must you begin? It is pretty simple to get started if you ask me.

Your content needs to be irresistible, tempting, and meaningful. Together with a few carefully developed strategies, attracting an audience should not be difficult.

How to use Storytelling as a Content Marketing Strategy?

Here are the ten secrets to remember as you get started with content development. If there was an Old Chinese wise man, who was an expert in content Marketing, he would be telling you exactly what you are about to read next:

Your content has to be a work of Magic and should be nothing less than enchanting.
If your content is not engaging, if it does not deliver what it is supposed to, if it does not come with your vision then you are at a terrible position over the world’s widest web! In this case, even all the paid promotion in the world will not be able to get you the results that you seek. And the real fun in making money online is lower investments and Higher Return On Investments, by investing too much and getting no results you will only be losing the essence of having started in the first place. Yes, the PROFITS.

The Early Birds do get the worm, strike before anyone else does.
The online world is very impulsive and fast to react, you need to enter it with a bang and make an impression to last a very long time in order to capture the market. Content marketing comes with a few added advantages, these being the need to revise the content much less frequently and high quality content not only engaging the audiences but also delivering the desired results. We therefore advice that if you want to keep it at a low budget, and get effective results your content will not only to be engaging but incredible and also represent your product and services in ways that they are impossible to resist and hence boast sales.

Speak your mind in a way that gets their attention!
You must give all your secrets away, that is one of the most effective ways to get their attention and besides if there is something that everyone knows but no one will say, don’t think twice and say it! Read your copy over and over, and over and over! Make changes until it is condense, until you see no room for changes and to the point where it is the definition of precision in itself. Say something brave that will connect you to your audiences and target market, they will not only love you for saying it but also begin to trust you and take your word for it. This is the most important and the most valuable asset, customer’s trust.

Make a solid point of why they should be listening to you in the first place.
Do not just over do your website with boring content, charge and load it with slide share presentation and info-graphics. Experiment with different formats, try new stuff out, let your writing style be the flare in your content.  Don’t forget to be original and invest into your content, make deep researches and produce a content that is not only incredibly thorough but effective, meaningful, engaging and gives new information. Don’t re-do what others have already done, differ and in the process create content that your readers are compelled to share, with your research and some excellent content you can make a ground-breaking discovery of how to capture the market.

Aim for all of your content to go VIRAL

You know how if you aim for the moon and miss, you will still land in the stars? Yes this is exactly what needs to be done, work really hard over your content, hard work always pays off.

You can always find out someone who is already working on similar things as you or shares similar beliefs and interview them. This way you will not only have something new for your audience but also reach to their audience for they will potentially be your target market too. Given that the interviewee is impressed with what you have produced and shares it.

Learning how to create a viral post is not difficult there are many tutorials out there, but just remember to keep it relevant to your topic and niche.

You really need quality over quantity in the longer run.
Write only when you have something meaningful to say, not because you have not posted in a while. Let us remind you it is all about quality and never the quantity, get your research done right before you put your cards on the table, there is no formula to win except striking at the right time. Timing is the key to great content marketing.

This a proven formula that has worked over centuries and not just decades and nothing better that incorporating a few effective old, tested remedies.

The more functional and appealing your headings are, the more audience you will be able to stumble upon for we are always in a rush and what does not interest us at first glance we do not give it a econd chance.

User friendly design.
The design of your website matters much more than you think it does, you will miss out, quite a lot of your audience with a bad design that is not even close to being user friendly. You will have a hard time keeping and retaining the attention of your visitors, and if the design does not engage your user at the first sight all your hard work over the content will go to waste. Design and content work hand in hand, do not ignore either of them and you will get there in no time. You need to design with your end goal in your mind all the time.

Social proof and SEO:
Let the search engines and your quality services and products do the talking for you, there is no marketing that is more effective than a mixture of these two. If a visitor is new to your website they will be seeking for clues to ensure that your website is valid, is interesting and if it is something you sell, then they will look for something that validates your claims. Customer reviews and feedbacks play an effective role for them to analyze in a glimpse if your website is worth spending any time on. Put simply testimonials help reinforce your value. Now that you have looked into social proofing your website next comes SEO.

You will always need to optimize not only your headline but also your content URL and do so specially for the search engines. You can always make use of an effective and freely available tool called the Google Keyword Tool, which will help you in finding the popular most keywords. There should be no keyword stuffing, the content needs to be written for humans and a website which has been designed to be both user friendly and Google friendly tends to shoot up higher on the ranking charts. You will need to offer not only a sitemap, but use an SEO-optimized platform to register with the Google Search Console.

Here is a million dollar tip:
Despite the contrary belief of link building producing the fastest and most effective results, you need to focus on and develop, optimized content. This will ensure a long-term success when it comes to SEO and hence the much wanted Search Engine Rankings.

Do it all at the speed of light:
Make sure that your websites functions fast and is light, if it takes too long to load no matter how appealing your content is, it is pointless. Today, with the advancement in technology Site speed is a direct contributor and factor that leads to higher search rankings.

You must consider moving towards a faster webhost, together with some high quality leverage caching and ensure that your website is reflexive, meaning it is fully functional on devices such as smart phones and tablets and works, just as it does on a regular PC.

Lastly, Bear in mind that a GREAT content is the key to everything else but the packaging that it comes in (being the website) is what decides and engages the user’s interests and hence the sales.

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