6 ways of taking your Facebook engagement to the skies!

Six ways of taking facebook Engagment to the skies.

6 ways of taking your Facebook engagement to the skies!

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Engagement on Facebook is a key for any brand to develop a healthy, talkative community and boost up interest levels of their fan base and help them evolve from “Information Receivers” to an “Indulged Community”.

Six ways of taking facebook Engagment to the skies.In most cases many marketers and social media marketing agencies struggle to engage their huge fan base which ultimately results in a lot of wasted energy and time. Here, I will try to share a few must follow tips which will help you in getting high levels of engagement on your page from your fans.

Know Your Fans:

Facebook Page admins need to know their audience & potential customers interests. It is important to know what type of posts they are most likely to respond. As it will ultimately tell you what is most suitable content for your fans & which type of content drove higher engagement. Experiment with different types of content. For direct interaction you can ask fans for feedback on a product, services or even what type of content they would like to see on your page. In order to track engagements Facebook page managers must keep an eye on Facebook Insights to find out which type of interaction worked best for them.

Interact with fans:

Imagine you are at some meet up where your old colleague comes to you and ask questions, but when you respond they totally ignore you. Isn’t it awkward to be in this situation? As if he didn’t really care about what you had to say. Don’t let your Fans/Followers feel same, talk to them when possible, respond to their queries if needed. It might not possible for large communities to respond to every single fan, but that can be done through blanket responses as this will encourage everyone to continue engaging.

Choosing post Frequency:

Facebook page managers must have a strategy for the quantity and frequency of posts on their page. They need to be somewhere in the middle depending what suits them best, posting too often might annoy Fans/followers while posting less could reduce engagement and interaction. Timings are also important factor; posting on the best time will certainly increase engagement.

Call to action in your post:

Asking fans to like, comment or share will certainly engage fans. Asking them ‘Click more to read’ your blog post will certainly improve fans response.

Monitor Facebook Insights:

You need to monitor what is working for you and your fans. What type of content gives you higher response and which content did not get your fans attention. Closely monitor Facebook insights to see how people interact with different topics so you can easily adopt a sound content strategy for your page.

Have Fun:

Like other social networks people joined Facebook to learn, relax & have fun. Facebook page managers should also try to post random posts which could be humorous, quizzes, motivational quotes. As you must have seen these types of posts has more tendency of getting viral ultimately improves page engagement.

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