6 Myths of Social Sharing

Six Social Sharing Myths

6 Myths of Social Sharing

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Social sharing is the backbone of social media. Crafting a perfect share is an art and for that we look into statistics and trends that usually worked best in the past and helpful for us to determine our future strategies, but there are some fascinating myths about social sharing that could even surprise you.

RadiumOne released its findings in infographic form. The six myths studied by the company were:

  • Most content-sharing activities happen over social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Digital consumers click on social links at an equal rate, regardless of the type of URL shared.
  • Content shared through shortened URLs has a similar lifespan, regardless of when it was initially posted.
  • Content and brand engagement peaks over the weekend, when Internet users have more free time.
  • Millennials and young people engage and share brands’ content the most.
  • Facebook offers the best referral traffic.



(Source : allfacebook)

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